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How To Create Custom Domain Email Address With Gmail

Gmail is the most secured email site powered by Google, now it introduce new feature like adding domain, or join your whole business organization from all over the world at one platform through G suite. Many business organization or companies want unique whole mark that specifies their distinctness. Google respect each and every one vision of public and big companies. For their, it introduce a new feature of self domain means you can create a cutom domain email id with your business domain name. At the moment, your account has (abc@gmail) but after occupying domain it would be like (abc@yourcompanyname). Numerous of companies now using their self name as domain. You can also join your name but there is question is your mind that how can I attach this, do not waste your time in thinking just contact Gmail support for occupying entire information or doubt correlate to this. Or you can also chase some steps to reach your destination.

Steps To Create The Custom Domain Email Address:

  • Open your search engine and enter web address “admin.google.com”.
  • Enter your account and password here.
  • After login, it will show that you do not have account at Gsuite.
  • Right side of this line. There is an option of “Learn more”, select it.
  • Now you will be redirected to Gsuite window.
  • Ten tips are given at that page. Read it carefully.
  • At this page two option appear “sign-up” or ”get start”.
  • Choose one option.
  • Create new account step by step.
  • It require your company name, address, country, your domain name which you want to have, number of people want for your organization (maximum number of people get attach through this).
  • After completing all the steps, create strong password as you can.
  • How To Add Other Person In Your Domain Email Address:

  • After creating account with your domain name.
  • Open the webpage”admin.google.com”.
  • Enter your account and password. Here you can see the main page.
  • Certain number of option available there. The first most option is “add user”.
  • Click on it. At the right side of page you can see “+” symbol here. Click it.
  • Here it demands your employee details.
  • Fill all the detail and create account’s name with your domain name which is already appear on that window.
  • Create password for that.
  • Now you successfully add one employee, if you would like to include more than one, repeat the same process in similar way.

The above describe approach is sufficient to create your own domain. The process explain over is not as easy as it has seems to be. Do not be ashamed if you are not getting the above steps or any concern regarding to these agenda. Contact Gmail support Australia which is all time (24*7 hours) accessible to assist you in fully practice way and you can ask your doubts and problems here.