Step To Remove Filtered Email of Your Gmail Account

If you are facing issues while removing the filtered email of your Gmail account then no need to worry. Because in this blog, we are going to tell the solution for same, that is how to remove the filtered email of your Gmail account. So those who want to do that, are suggested to once go to the blog and see if this blog is helping them or not.

Now, the steps for checking the filtered email of your Gmail account are described below. You are supposed to follow them one by one and in case of any confusion regarding the blog or any steps, you are suggested to contact Gmail support for immediate response. Now without wasting any single time, let us move to the steps;

1. Firtly, open your respective device properly.

2. Then, after doing so, you need to open the Gmail account there, by the help of credential details.

3. After that, you are required to go to the setting options.

4. Again you are suggested to move to the settings option which you fill find under the settings option.

5. Now, you are required to move to the top of the screen, there you need to firstly find the filtered and blocked address option there.

6. Next, you have to select it.

7. Now, you are supposed to select the delete it or skip inbox option so that you can remove it.

8. For above, you need to move towards the right of the screen.

9. Finally you are suggested to follow the on screen instruction for the remaining further process.

Thus, after following the blog, you would definitely able to remove the filtered email from your Gmail account. But, in case, you encounter some steps, then without thinking anything, do visit the website and look for the helpful article. Or just do contact Gmail Australia for the proper help and guide.