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Quick Steps To Send Attachments Confidentially In Gmail

Quick Steps To Send Attachments Confidentially In Gmail

Well, today it has become very difficult for us to keep our data and devices safe in this technological era. But as the hackers are increasing, new and advanced securities are also launching for the safety purpose. So, it has totally become our responsibility to use such advanced securities to keep our devices, data safe and secure.

Basically, here in this blog, you are going to learn how to send attachments confidentially in Gmail so that, your messages and attachments being got saved from unauthorized access. So, just have a look at the below steps and feel free to contact Gmail Support Australia for any help.


 You need to first go to the compose option in your Gmail account.

 Then you have to go to the bottom right of the window.

 There you will see turn on confidential mode, just open it.

 After that, you need to set some expiry date and passcode.

 For passcode, you have two options; no SMS passcode, SMS passcode.

 Just choose accordingly, then finally save the changes.


 You are supposed to first open your Gmail account on your device.

 Then, you will have to go to compose and then move to the top right.

 There you need to choose a confidential mode option.

 After going there, just select the edit option.

 Now, turn on if it is turned off.

 After doing so, you are required to set some expiration dates, passcode, and other controls.

 But make sure, in the passcode, you are supposed to select any one of the two options: No SMS passcode or SMS passcode.

 Finally, after selecting it, save all the changes and now you can send attachments confidentially.
iPhone or iPad:

 You will have to first open the Gmail app and then you need to go to an option called ‘compose’.

 Now, just you have to go to more options. There you will find confidential mode, just open it.

 If it is turned off, just turn it on, but if on, then leave it as it is.

 Now, finally just set passcode and expiration date.

 After doing, all the other changes in other controls just save the changes.

 Now, just send attachments confidentially without any hesitation.

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