Quick Steps for Adding Multiple Contacts to Gmail

Are you looking for some reliable steps to be able to know how to add multiple contacts to your Gmail account? Then you are just in the perfect place and here you will be guided to do so within no time. You’ve just got to follow the given instructions as you have been instructed to do.

You will find the procedure mentioned below for adding multiple contacts to your Gmail account; follow along carefully to get the right result:

  • You need to first open the ‘Google Contacts option on your desktop browser.
  • And then you would have to click on the ‘Create Contact’ option.
  • Next, you need to select the ‘Create Multiple Contacts’ option.
  • And then in the displayed screen that follows, you need to type in all the names or email addresses from the contacts that you want to add. After which you must be sure that you separate each contact, you can do so by placing a comma after each contact.
  • Then you also have the option where you can choose to use the option to import your contacts by using the CSV or the vCard files.
  • Now when you are done doing so, you got to apply the labels to the group of contacts; you can easily do this by giving a click on the ‘No Label’ option. It will be seen on the top right side corner of the displayed screen.
  • Finally at last, when you have completed adding or finished importing the required information then you will have to click on the ‘Create’ option.
  • You will now have all your contacts loaded into your Gmail account after which you can access it through Gmail, Android devices, or other Google apps and services

Now that you have completed going through the above steps you should be good to get started. But if in case you happen to encounter any problem or you have some other concerned queried related then you must feel free to get n touch with Gmail Customer Care Number whenever you want to. And you will get to experience the best services provided by the technicians here.