How to Use the Mail Delegation Feature in Gmail?

Do you want to learn how to use the mail delegation in Gmail? Here you will surely get to know about the same. In Gmail, you can add up to 10 delegates, and if you are using Gmail through your work, school, or other organization, then you can add up to 25 delegates within your organization. Now if you have other issues related then you got to call the Gmail Support Phone Number. To begin with the process you must follow the instructions that are given below.

  • First, you need to go on your computer and then open up Gmail. However, you cannot add delegates using the Gmail app.
  • And after that, in the top right, of the current page, you need to click on Settings and then see all Settings.
  • You also must click on the ‘Accounts and Import or Accounts’ tab.
  • And now in the ‘Grant access to your account’ section, you will have to click on the ‘Add another account’ option. Now if you are using your Gmail account through your work or school, then your organization may restrict email delegation. And in case you do not see this setting, then you should contact your admin.
  • After doing so you would have to enter the email address of that particular person that you would like to add. Now the account that you want to delegate must have their ‘Require user to change password at the next sign-in’ disabled.
  • You now have to click on the ‘Next Step > Send email to grant access’ option.

After doing the above the person that you added will get an email asking them to confirm the same. However, it might take up to 24 hours until you see them as a delegate after they confirm.

Note: the invitation that you sent will last only for a week. You should be all set with your Gmail account by now. And if you face any problem during this process then you can always Contact Gmail Australia any time you like. And you will be assisted by the most dedicated technicians within no time.