How to Find the Emails in Gmail Account?

Are you facing issues with missing emails in your Gmail account? Then you might be looking for some proper guidance, right? Well, then you are right here where you will get the perfect solutions for the same. However, if you have some other issues related then feel free to reach out to the experts only at Gmail Technical Support Australia. And the team will be right there to help you out immediately with the appropriate solutions.

Follow the steps provided below to check the forwarding settings; if your emails are being forwarded to another account:

  • To begin with, from the browser, you need to open Gmail.
  • After that, in the top right of the displayed page, you need to click on Settings and then on See all Settings.
  • And then in the ‘Forwarding’ section, you need to check if the ‘Forward a copy of incoming emails’ has been selected. Now if you already have done that, then you would have to select the ‘Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox or Mark Gmail’s copy as read’
  • Now finally at the bottom of the page, you have to give a click on the ‘Save Changes’ option.

Note: now if you find that your emails are being forwarded to an unfamiliar email address, then you got to select the ‘Disable Forwarding’ option and then go to check the ‘Gmail Security Tips’. And in case you see the forwarding email address that you do not know, then this means that someone might have unauthorized access to your Gmail account.

This could also be where your emails have landed the ‘Spam’ folder; it happens if the emails are not authenticated while forwarding emails to another account into Gmail. Now you should be over with the procedure and should be good to go. But i9f you come across any technical issues or have a difficult time with other related queries then you need not feel disappointed as you are just in the right place. You’ve just got to dial the provided Gmail Customer Care Number, without any hesitation. And the technicians will assist you in no time.