How Do I Access the Experimental Features in Gmail?

Do you want to know more about the experimental features in Gmail or how to access the same? Well then you are reading the perfect blog and here you will find all the answers to your concerned query in no time. The experimental features in Gmail are pre-released and you are allowed to turn them on to test and share feedback about them. And to go to the same you need to opt into ‘Experimental Features’ in your Gmail settings, for which you will find the procedure below. You also got to keep this in mind that you can only turn on the access to experimental features from your computer by using the new Gmail account. If you have some other queries related then you must connect with Gmail Technical Support Australia. And the experts will surely provide you with what is useful.

Note: you should also know that Google does not offer any support for experimental features. However, Google only reserves the right to change these services or even remove them at any time.

Now to begin with the process you would have to use your computer to turn the Experimental Access ON: and then follow these steps mentioned below accordingly:

  • First of all, in the top right corner of the displayed page, you need to click on the Settings tab and then the ‘See all Settings’ and if in case you have not started using the new Gmail yet, then you can click on the ‘Try the new Gmail’ option.
  • After doing that, right under the ‘General’ scroll to ‘Experimental Access’ option.
  • And then you will have to click the box to ‘Enable Experimental Access’
  • Now finally at last, at the bottom of the current page, you would have to give a click on the ‘Save Changes’ button and the changes that you made will be saved.

You should be all good again once again after finishing the above process. But if you happen to come across any issues then you only need to call up the Gmail Customer Care Phone Number. After which the technicians will help you out with the relevant solutions.